After relocating to El Paso to get away from a senseless act of violence against him, Evan and his parents are starting from scratch. On his first day, Evan auditions for his high school's local production of "Romeo & Juliet", where he is cast as Romeo and meets Sarah, the new Juliet. Throughout the experience, they realize they have feelings for each other, and their story becomes a modern-day parallel to the play they are performing. Society did not accept Romeo & Juliet, just as today's society is not as understanding of Evan and Sarah, who both happen to be transgender. It all ends in a dramatic scene that contains the shock-factor the original had but in the modern day.

Inspired by William Shakespeare, written by Adam Dever.

* This production deals with LGBTQ issues, contains adult language, some violence and is not suitable for children under 13 or to adults easily offended.